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Calbag Metals Stands Up For Integrity

There’s a lot of trust in choosing a scrap metal recycling company to work with.

  • You trust that we are truthful in the grades we use to classify your metal scrap
  • You trust that our weights are accurate
  • You trust that the prices we pay represent current pricing in the market
  • You trust that your scrap is handled in a manner that reduces your liability
  • You trust that your scrap is handled in an environmentally sound manner that reflects well on your company

At Calbag Metals, we acknowledge and appreciate the trust that our customers have placed in us. We strive every day to earn that trust. We’ve found over the decades that transparency is the key to earning that trust.


  When Calbag Metals tells you something, they do it. Their people are there to help me out and they do. Calbag Metals is a very honest company.

They are very consistent in giving me weekly price updates, and they stick to those really good. When they tell you a price, they honor it. If the price drops suddenly they honor the price they gave me, and if the price goes up they split the increase with me, even though they don’t have to.

They also give me a heads-up on changes they are seeing in the market, and you just don’t get from other companies. I’ve been doing business with Calbag Metals for 14 years and they are great people to work with.

Bob Korntved
The Steel Outlet
Roseburg, Oregon

Transparency in all we do
On our dock, the customers that bring their scrap metal to us can actually watch us weigh their scrap, and receive a print-out of the metal grades, price per pound, weight, and payment. This is not a common practice in our industry, but one that we think is essential for building trust with our customers. This transparency on our dock carries over to all our customer interactions.

  • We provide an audit trail for each load and can certify traceability
  • We provide independent scaling on request
  • We invite customers to visit and watch us process their load – real learning can take place on both sides
  • We train your people at our site or at your site so that they can learn to sort better and increase your revenue
  • We teach customers how to implement a profit-maximizing Scrap Management System, integrated to your manufacturing process rather than as an additional function – passing along our decades of experience.
  • We encourage questions and provide expert answers
  • We invite our customers to check with regulators regarding our pristine environmental record
  • We strongly encourage prospective customers to talk with our current customers

Integrity is made up of thousands of little steps. We know that. We walk the talk. Come visit us, talk with our customers, and learn first-hand what sets Calbag Metals apart. Contact the Calbag location nearest you in Portland, OR or Tacoma, WA.

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