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Calbag Metals Works To Prevent The Purchase Of Stolen Scrap

The attempted sale of stolen metal has become more common as the price of metal scrap has climbed. We all read in the paper of metal theft from gardens, parks, utilities, churches, and even cemeteries.

A simple fact, metals theft benefits no one.

Our retail dock customers want to sell their metal scrap to a professional company. They don’t want to associate with a company that buys stolen metal. They don’t want to worry that the truck and person next to them at the dock is selling stolen metal, and they don’t want to be around any confrontation in that regard.

At Calbag Metals we invest considerable time and expense in helping prevent the purchase of stolen scrap. These steps have been quite successful in keeping thieves from our docks. Here are some of the measures we take:

  • We don’t buy from known metal thieves
  • Security cameras at our docks and very prominent signs announcing our security cameras help deter someone from even trying to sell us stolen metal
  • Calbag Metals has taken a leadership position in working with industry, government, and law enforcement in making arrests for stealing metal and attempting to sell stolen scrap. We are also active on the state and local level to increase penalties for metal theft.
  • We actively support law enforcement in making arrests for stealing scrap. Calbag Metals’ policy is to call the police in the event we identify stolen metal, and when we have a customer attempting to sell us likely stolen metal.

And we make a personal commitment to help stop metal theft. We pay our staff to be available in court to testify against thieves caught trying to sell stolen scrap. We want convictions and we do everything we can to help the District Attorney get them.

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