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Turn Your Trash into Treasure

Turn Your Trash into Treasure Since you’ve found our website, you may already have an idea as to which type of scrap metal you might be able to sell. Scrap metal is fairly common and is found all around us. Here are some additional ideas to learn if you have scrap to sell, and a few helpful tips:

Look at the financial benefits of recycling your non-ferrous metal scrap.
If you return soda cans for the deposit, you might be interested in recycling other metals too. It can be a very profitable.. If it’s non-ferrous metal, we’ll take anything. We’ll take with parts attached, with insulation on the wire, etc. We ship it to our customers, and they strip off the extra materials. If you have questions on whether we will buy something, bring it with you with your load and our dock crew can answer all your questions.

Test your scrap metal with a magnet.
If the magnet sticks, then it’s steel and won’t be worth a lot. If it doesn’t stick then it’s non-ferrous metal and will be worth much more.

No scrap is too small.
We will buy one pound or 1 million pounds.

Sort or don’t sort – it’s up to you.
If you sort your load into the different types of metal, we can pay you more. If that will require too much time or labor hours, then sell it to us “co-mingled”. Our dock staff will check your load, estimate the percentage of different non-ferrous metals in the load, and determine a price based on that mix. We then sell it un-sorted to our customers and they sort it and re-use it.

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