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What Differentiates Calbag Metals Retail Dock?

Calbag Metals is committed to making your business with us fast, easy, and transparent. We started in the recycling business over 100 years ago as the Northwest Junk Company. In today’s metals market, what used to be considered “junk” now fetches an attractive price. Retail dock sales have always been and continue to be an important part of our business, and we treat our retail dock customers that way.

Big loads or small, we buy them all
We can handle any size load of scrap metal, from a bucket full to a pick up truck, we’ll take your load. No matter the size, we’re happy to buy it.

In and out fast
Our facilities are conveniently located near major freeways. At Calbag Metals, retail dock sales are not an inconvenience for us, they are what we do. We have full-time staff ready to process your scrap metal and get you on your way.

Calbag Metals stands up for integrity
We acknowledge and appreciate the trust that our customers have placed in us over these past 100 years. We strive every day to earn that trust:

  • Being truthful in the grades we use to classify your metal scrap
  • Accurate weights and certified scales
  • The prices we pay are current with pricing in the market
  • Your scrap will be handled in an environmentally sound manner
  • Leadership in preventing the sale of stolen metal as scrap

Transparency in all we do
We want our Retail Dock scrap metal customers to be totally comfortable with the way we handle your business with us, striving to be transparent in all we do:

  • Watch us sort your scrap, weigh your scrap, and see the weight shown on the scale – all right at the dock. Your scrap does not get moved into a back area to be sorted and weighed out of site.
  • Receive a printout showing each metal grade brought in by you, the weight of each metal grade, the price per pound paid for each metal grade, the payment for each metal grade, and the total payment.

Expert advice right at the dock
The Calbag staff are experts in recycling metal, with years of experience in identifying, sorting, and processing scrap metal. If you have a question about what can and can’t be recycled, how you can better identify valuable scrap, what we pay for various types of metal and conditions of the metal, just ask our experts. You will get prompt, knowledgeable answers.

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