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Calbag Metals - Your Guide To The Scrap We Buy

What we buy - Calbag Metals Calbag's convenient facilities in Portland, OR and Tacoma, WA purchase ferrous and non-ferrous scrap matal.

We also have a location in Tacoma, WA that purchases and processes both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

What exactly is non-ferrous scrap?

Aluminum Tin
Copper Lead
Stainless Steel Bronze
Brass Titanium
Nickel Alloys of all sorts  

Hundreds of different metals and alloys fall within the non-ferrous category. Everything from aluminum can pull tabs to 10-ton ship propellers. Industrial scrap, insulated and bare wire, brass candlesticks, aluminum window frames - it’s all the bread and butter of non-ferrous recycling.

Ferrous Metals - Iron and Steel
Calbag Metals in Portland, OR and Calbag Steel in Tacoma, WA both buy scrap steel and iron from manufacturers, scrap dealers, and the general public. Our Nicolai location in Portland does not accept car bodies, however our Tacoma locations does.

Many types of businesses and customers rely on Calbag Metals to purchase and recycle their scrap metals.

INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURERS find Calbag Metals a willing buyer of skeletons from cutting and stamping processes, chips and turnings from machine shops, defective parts and other processing or fabrication scrap.

RETAIL DOCK CUSTOMERS whether contractors recycling old wire or plumbing scrap, or homeowners clearing out a basement or storage shed - you'll receive fast, courteous service and competitive pricing for even small quantities of material brought to our public docks.

What we buy - Calbag Metals LOCAL SCRAP DEALERS send Calbag Metals truckloads of processed and unprocessed material. Their expertise in collecting and sorting scrap pays off in Calbag Metals’ readiness to consolidate their product for additional processing, container-load shipment, accurate scaling, fair pricing and prompt payment.

OTHER BUSINESSES including auto parts yards, demolition contractors, electrical utilities, even printers and picture frame shops find Calbag Metals an ideal part of their recycling programs.

Prohibited Materials List

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