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Firefighters Train At Calbag Metals

Calbag Metals Family Member Survives

Tacoma Fire Department firefighters regularly train at Calbag Metals in Tacoma for high risk, tactical operations including the tools and procedures needed to save someone trapped in a a car.  While Calbag Metals in Tacoma often provides vehicles and a location for firefighter training, in December, one of our very own employees had a child walk away from a very serious accident.

Fortunately, the young woman and the driver of the vehicle were extricated by Tacoma Fire Department and only sustained bruises.  We want to formally thank our Tacoma Fire Department for the service they provide everyday.

This incident truly drives home how it is important to be a part of our community and open our business for training.

On a recent Saturday, the Tacoma Fire Department trained new firefighters to stabilize and extricate accident victims.   For over four hours, the firefighters learned how to manipulate the position of a vehicle to stabilize it as well as how to access a mangled car safely to gain access to the entrapped patient.

Tacoma Firefighter Stabilizing Practice Vehicle
Stabilizing Vehicle
Tacoma-Firefighter-Jaws Of Life
“Jaws of Life”


These photos show the stabilizing of a car as well as the use of the “Jaws of Life” to open a vehicle’s door.  Calbag Metals is grateful for the dedication and intense training our firefighters receive.

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