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Time Saving, Traffic Busting Changes at Calbag Metals

Calbag Metals metal recycling headquarters in Portland, Oregon makes some simple, time saving and traffic-busting changes that helps customers and employees more easily recycle scrap metal. So, what's the story? Headquartered within a block of the 405 Northwest Industrial exit, with a stone's throw to Hwy 26, Hwy 84, and Hwy 30, the location has served as convenient drop-off for…

Aluminum Prices Soar on Russian Sanctions

What happens when United Company Rusal. the second largest Aluminum company in the World, is blacklisted from American-financial markets? Prices fly and supply chain managers across the World scramble to secure as much Aluminum as they can as quickly as they can. Rusal, a Russian-owned company, with strong ties to President Putin, has…
Scrap Metal Prices

Copper and Brass Scrap Metal Prices Climb Higher

Scrap metal prices, specifically, copper and brass prices are at a 3.5 year high as a surge in overseas demand has driven prices upward. The increase is due to to China's tighter import restrictions as they are concerted in their efforts to reduce the amount of waste imported in their country. Therefore, import restrictions on lower-grade Copper and brass scrap…

Scrap Metal Prices, the Silver Lining

Scrap metal prices SOAR, with nickel leading the charge. Since June 5th, London Metal Exchange (LME) nickel prices have increased 37.4%, copper prices increased 23.7%, and aluminum prices increased 8.5% (See our 'Metals Prices' charts for additional metal pricing trends). After years of suppressed scrap metal prices we're seeing a silver (and copper, and gold, and aluminum...) lining to the dark…
stop oregon litter

Stop Oregon Litter & Vandalism

Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism, also known as Solve.  SOLVE Oregon brings community together to clean up the environment and protect it for the future. Gathering early Saturday morning, Calbag employees and their families picked up and collected…

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