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Electronic Drop Off

Where Electronic Drop Off – Pays Off

Do you know where to find an electronic drop off for recycling?  Understanding how and where electronics can be recycled is important as these devices often contain dangerous chemicals and metals. When electronics end up in landfills, those chemicals and metals can leach, or enter the soil, moving down through the bedrock with the rains, and enter our waterways, poisoning…

Copper Value 11-Week Roller Coaster

Copper Value 11-Week Roller Coaster - Since February 1st, copper value has undulated violently, with 15 moves of 5 cents/lb or more. Weekly changes have averaged 12.8 cents/lb, more than 3 cents/lb higher than the average change of the prior 11 weeks was…

China Tightening Restrictions on Scrap Import

Calbag Metals is well-positioned to meet the challenge of tighter scrap import restrictions as China prepares to expand its ban of scrap material. The People’s Republic of China is the largest consumer of scrap copper products, purchasing more than half of the world’s scrap copper supply in 2015, but is poised to prohibit certain scrap metals, including insulated copper wire (ICW), radiators,…

Got Scrap? Get Paid! More Than A Scrap Metal Yard

We Are More Than A Scrap Metal Yard So, you didn't get that tax refund you were hoping for, no worries. We've got your JACKPOT, right here. From April 15, 2016 to April 29, 2016, both our Portland, OR and Tacoma, WA locations will be handing out (1) Scratch-It Lottery ticket to every customer who sells us a load of…

Turning Recycled Metals into Custom Knives

Most knife manufacturers create tools. David Van Wyk and Luke Snyder, the duo behind Bloodroot Blades, create beautiful pieces of functional art and new production steel doesn't have the look, the story, or the history, of recycled metals. Understanding where these recycled metals came from and their purpose prior to their reincarnation is an integral part of David and Luke's mission in…

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