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Scrap Metal Recycling in Tacoma Washington


Our Calbag Metals Tacoma, WA location is just off I-5 and provides easy access for our industrial, scrap dealer, and general public customers.


Catalytic Converter Policy:

We are only accepting catalytic converters from the public when an individual is scrapping the whole vehicle. The owner's name on their paperwork (title, affidavit in lieu of title, etc) needs to match the person that is bringing the vehicle in. Payment for the catalytic converter will be via check only, mailed no sooner than three business days after the material is received. Please call if you have any questions (253)572-6800.

1602 Marine View Drive
Tacoma, WA 98422
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(253) 572-6800


(800) 801-5732


Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 4:15 PM

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Visual Tour of Calbag Tacoma

Managing a scrap yard this size isn’t easy, but with our experience and commitment to excellence, we make it look that way.

Upon arriving at Calbag Metals, all customers are instructed to check in with the weigh master so we can direct them exactly where to go. Once weighing is completed, they are guided to the payment center.

Whether you’re recycling an old pick-up or a pick-up load, we are here to help you get in-and-out safely and quickly.

All of our staff are trained experts in metal knowledge and will help you identify and weigh your scrap so you get the most amount of money.

Once we’ve finished weighing in your material, head to our payment counter where you’ll receive your receipt and payment.

We accept, purchase, and process most any type non-ferrous metal.

Careful steel processing by our highly trained staff produce domestic and export ready ferrous product.

All of our material is packaged, weighed, and inventoried to ensure the highest level of quality when shipping material to domestic and international customers.

We aren’t your average scrap yard. We operate one of the cleanest, environmentally secure metal recycling facilities on the West Coast.