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Refrigerator, dryer, filing cabinet, bumper, fence, bike frame and water heater propped up for display and recycle

“Home remodeling is slowing down”- What this means for the Recycling Industry

By Calbag Staff / March 8, 2023
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Yahoo!Finance recently published an article that touches on the effects of covid keeping people held up in their homes leading to homeowner DIY projects, as…

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Props for Huge Propeller Recycler

By Calbag Staff / January 26, 2021

One of our longterm partners at the Tacoma shipping doc, brought us this 2 ton piece of brass that as you can see is a…

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Copper kills coronavirus. Brass also slows the spread of disease.

By Calbag Staff / March 18, 2020
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Copper kills coronavirus and bacteria. When influenzas, bacteria like E. coli, superbugs like MRSA, or even coronaviruses land on most hard surfaces, they can live for up to four to five days. But when they land on copper, and copper alloys like brass, they begin to die within minutes and are undetectable within hours.

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Today’s Waste, Tomorrow’s Resource

By Calbag Staff / April 17, 2019

It rains in Portland and that’s where our storm water story starts. In a rare move by monitoring and permit agency DEQ, Calbag Metals received a storm water monitor waiver and “no further action” required designation.

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